PoWeR Workbook Unit 1 Part 1

PoWeR Workbook Unit 1 Part 1 - Unit 1, Part 1 due Monday...

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Unit 1, Part 1 – due Monday Sept. 6 th Instructions This workbook provides an opportunity for you to get started researching your first English 102 essay. To get started, visit the following link to access the Project Writing and Research E- Textbook . This textbook is the place you first read and view content before completing activities included in this workbook. http://guides.boisestate.edu/power 1. You can print this workbook and write your responses (and drop it off at my office), or you can type into this document, save it, and submit it in Blackboard. Your choice! 2. Record your name here: Drew Rasmussen 3. Now, read through and view the tutorials in the following pages (which I’ll refer to as “modules”) of the E-Textbook: Explore a Topic - finding background information on a topic and honing in on a research question. Keywords - brainstorming a list of keywords and narrowing or broadening your search strategy. Basic Research - the fundamentals of finding a book and an article, so that students can get moving with their English 102 papers. 4. Finally, complete the corresponding exercises in this workbook for each module listed above. 5. Remember, I’m here to help! Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions. Kim Leeder kimleeder@boisestate.edu 208-426-1621
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Explore a Topic module Review the Explore a Topic module of our E-Textbook before filling out this page. This exercise is an opportunity to explore two possible topics for your English 102 essay by
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PoWeR Workbook Unit 1 Part 1 - Unit 1, Part 1 due Monday...

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