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Rasmussen 1 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark - Provides a very basic look at what composes a proton, and what purpose quarks have in an atom as well as what other particals they are commonly found along side with. 2. Google Scholar > Quarks and Atoms > From atoms to quarks : An introduction to the strange world of particle physics. – Chapter Nine in the book explains how the quark model came about and what charges the particles have, and what holds them together. Talks about what makes up a quark and goes into depth on hadrons and pions. 3. Pions to quarks: particle physics in the 1950s: based on a Fermilab symposium - Based on the lectures and discussions of historians and physicists at the Second International Symposium on the History of Particle Physics, held at Fermilab on May 1- 4, 1985. Gives a brief background on the history of particle physics. 4. Gale Virtual Reference Library > Quarks > Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia . Ed. Glenn D. Considine. Vol. 3. 10
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quark research - Rasmussen 1 1....

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