Reading Response (99-113

Reading Response (99-113 - Drew Rasmussen Rick Coonrod...

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Drew Rasmussen Rick Coonrod English 102 22 September 2010 Ballenger Reading Response The assigned reading in The Curious Researcher today was largely focused on interviews and finding experts and nonexperts about a specific topic. Ballenger says that interviews are very important to a paper and can “bring it to life.” They offer information on a topic in a different manner than your standard web based encyclopedia can. Ballenger also talks about how most experts, do not care who interviews them. They love the attention of someone who is interested in their topic enough to confront them and ask them about it. Ballenger goes into detail about how to find accredited sources to interview. One of his more useful ideas I thought was the thought of using the resources cited in a book or other document to contact the person who published the results. We all know what an interview is, but sometimes it can be rather difficult to come up with questions that you want answered by someone, especially if they are an expert and
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Reading Response (99-113 - Drew Rasmussen Rick Coonrod...

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