Reading Response (215-218)

Reading Response (215-218) - get pinned in the first round...

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Drew Rasmussen Rick Coonrod English 102 8 October 2010 Reading Response: Ballenger: 215 – 218 Ballenger always has unique metaphors in his writing. The fact that he compares writing to wrestling should prove my point enough. Ballenger relates college writing to you being a “120-pound weakling” trying to take on the heavyweight experts of the topic (the seasoned pros). I find the reading to be much more interesting when it is filled with descriptions and metaphors such as this. Often times I can relate to Ballenger’s wrestling image. When you begin writing a paper it always seems like you are trying to muscle the words into submission to get them to scream uncle. Where uncle clearly means conveying your purpose to the audience or reader in an understandable manner. However, I can honestly say that as the wrestler I am normally going to
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Unformatted text preview: get pinned in the first round or two. I find it extremely hard to present my purpose to the audience in the form of a thesis. It can take a lot of effort to craft a thesis capable of covering the main topics of your paper while not leading the reader astray. Ballenger even makes note of this, which makes me feel much better about my writing when I heard that a professional writer struggles with the same aspects of writing I often find overwhelming me. Again, Ballenger has many useful exercises for reviewing your writing, and making sure it is ready to be presented. However, as usual I find myself procrastinating not ready to carry out these draft exercises on my own writing. One day Ballenger, one day I will use your useful exercises and techniques to revise my writing. But for now, it is off to go have fun....
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Reading Response (215-218) - get pinned in the first round...

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