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Drew Rasmussen Biology 192 Lab Matt Schmasow February 2, 2011 Chapter 3: Kingdom Fungi: Discussion Questions 1. Basidiomycetes fungi spend most of their lives in the dikaryotic phase (meaning they have 2 nuclei, and when prompted will enter the sexual reproduction phase). Basidiomycetes are diplontic. Ascomyetes are dikaryotic for a small portion of their life cycle (not quite as long as basidiomycetes), and are also diplontic. 2. Fungi have cell walls made of chitin, are composed of Hyphae cells, and secrete enzymes to break down their substrate which they then absorb 3. Fungi have many differences than plants at the cellular level, but Fungi are also more closely related to animals than they are plants according to the evolutionary lineage. 4. A lichen is composed of a fungi and an algae. This relationship is mutualistic, the fungi gets food from the algae’s photosynthetic activities, and the alga is protected from water loss.
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