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Biology Chapter 6 Discussion Questions - which fuse to form...

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Drew Rasmussen Biology 192 Lab Matt Schmasow February 23, 2011 Chapter 6: Angiosperm Reproduction: Pre Lab Questions 1. Flower Whorls a. Calyx – Enclose the rest of the flower in the bud stage, typically green b. Corolla – Next whorl towards the apex, composed of petals which help attract animals and insects for pollination c. Androecium – This whorl is composed of stamens, pollen producing reproductive organ of the flower (male) d. Gynoecium – Innermost whorl of the flower, consists of one or more carpels
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Unformatted text preview: which fuse to form a hollow structure called an ovary. 2. The sporophyte, male gametophyte, female gametophyte, sperm, egg, microspore and megaspore are all present in figure 7. 3. The ovary contains the ovule, which houses the megasporocyte. After fertilization a fruit is formed, and this fruit contains the seeds. 4. Two structures that angiosperms have and gymnosperms do not include flowers (involved in pollination) and fruits (which are involved in seed dispersal)....
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