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Drew Rasmussen Biology Lab 192 Matt Schmasow March 23, 2011 Chapter 10 Prelab 1. Members of the Phylum Mollusca have open circulatory systems. Many of these organisms use with a “foot” dragging and pulling themselves where they need to go. Others use the propulsion of water to move such as clams. 2. Squids are considered mollusks, however they are much different from your “typical mollusk.” They are similar to other mollusks because their bodies consist of a foot, head,
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Unformatted text preview: and visceral mass. They differ because their foot has developed into a ring of arms and tentacles which are covered by suction cups. 3. The structures inside the shell are many. The important ones include the majority of its digestive system, its reproductive system, and its heart. During the dissection it is necessary to take extreme care so that the underlying mantle is not damaged....
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