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Biology Chapter 14 Discussion Questions

Biology Chapter 14 Discussion Questions - airflow above and...

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Drew Rasmussen Biology 192 Lab Matt Schmasow April 27, 2011 Chapter 14 Pre Lab Chapter 14 1. In what three groups of animals has flight evolved? 2. What is an airfoil, and how is lift created for flight? 3. What could cause a bird to stall in the air, and name two ways birds prevent stalling. 4. In birds, the pectoralis and supracoracoid muscles are involved in flight. Which muscle is responsible for depressing the wing, and which is responsible for elevating the wing? Answers 1. In the pterosaurs, birds, and bats flight has evolved 2. A curved surface that presented to an airstream acts as an airfoil by changing the difference in
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Unformatted text preview: airflow above and below the object. The fast air moves over the curved top of the wing, and since less pressure is created above the wing, lift is created. 3. Increasing the angle of attack could cause the bird to stall. With the use of a wing slot along the leading edge of the wing stalling can be prevented. A bird raising its nose can also lessen the chance of stalling. 4.The pectoralis is responsible for depressing the wing, and the supracoracoid is responsible for elevating it....
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