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Biology Lab 2 Write Up - Drew Rasmussen Penny Biology 191...

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Penny Biology 191 Lab August 31, 2010 Lab #2 - Microscopes and Cells A. Microscopes Procedure 1. Microscope Since Microscopes are very expensive, we must take precaution to keep Handling and them in the best condition possible. For that reason, you should learn Use. How to take care of the microscope and be familiar with how to use it Correctly. 1. Before removing the microscope from its storage location, make sure the electrical cord is not tangled around another microscope. Gently slide the microscope out, taking care not to bang it against anything. Carry it, using two hands (one under the base, the other on the handle), to your lab station. Be careful they’re heavy. 2. Always place the microscope on a secure sturdy bench, no closer than two inches from the edge. Once the microscope has been put into place, DO NOT MOVE IT. If another student wants to observe your specimens on your microscope, the student should move. 3. Only clean microscope lenses as directed. 4. When you begin your observations, always start your observations with the lowest power (shortest) objective in place, usually the 4x objective. Below are the steps which you should use to focus the microscope correctly. Go through them carefully. a. Plug in the microscope b. Switch it on and make sure the light works c. Lower the mechanical stage as far as it will go d. Rotate objectives to the lowest setting (shortest objective) e. Put your slide on stage, making sure it’s not upside down f. Raise the stage up as high as it will go using the coarse focus knob g. Look into the eyepiece, and use the coarse focus to clarify the image h. Once you have a nearly clear image, use the fine focus to get the clearest image. 5.
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Biology Lab 2 Write Up - Drew Rasmussen Penny Biology 191...

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