Biology Prelab Questions

Biology Prelab Questions - B192 Laboratory Spring 2011...

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B192 Laboratory, Spring 2011 Pre-lab Questions Pre-lab Questions are to be completed before your weekly laboratory period. Your successful completion of them will be part of your Attendance grade for the laboratory. Botanical Section Chapter 1 1) Imagine an organism whose Latin name was incorrectly written as bracttus tallus. Write this name correctly. 2) Explain the relationships between the following terms: cyanobacteria, blue-green algae, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes. 3) Why do some microorganisms produce antibiotics? In other words, of what adaptive value is the production of antibiotics? 4) Bacteria are diverse in many ways. For example, among those that cause disease (pathogenic), the disease is transmitted in many ways. Give three other ways that bacteria show diversity. Chapter 2 1) What do members of the kingdom Protista have in common? 2) List some of the ways that protistans move. 3) Some motile (moving) algae have an eyespot (also called a stigma). What is the function of an eyespot? Think about an alga’s use of light. (see Lab 2, Plate 2) 4) The brown algae and the diatoms are both in the Phylum Stramenopila. What do they have in common ? Give one way that they are different . 5) What characteristics are used to define the different types of algae? Chapter 3 1) Fungi get their energy in various ways. Some fungi are saprophytic. Some fungi are parasitic. What is the difference between these two ways of getting energy? 2)
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Biology Prelab Questions - B192 Laboratory Spring 2011...

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