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Lab 14 Write Up - Drew Rasmussen Penny Louka Biology 191L...

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Drew Rasmussen Penny Louka Biology 191L December 4, 2010 Lab 14: Community Ecology: Lab Write Up 1. Many hypotheses were developed to explain the difference in plant community from one area to the next. One hypotheses included the sunlight and how different areas get more or less direct sunlight, this would change the different species of plants that can live in an area. Different animals may inhabit an area which will also cause variance in plant distribution since often times animals eat plants, and are capable of destroying them. Another hypotheses generated was that plants species will differ as you get closer or further from the streams because more water will become available, and soil type will change as you move towards or away from the stream. 2. To test the animal hypothesis you would need to choose multiple areas that are approximately the same distance from the stream, and receive about the same amount of sunlight. You would then need to record the number of species you observe over a period of time and try to keep a number of different species. Then you will need to look for species eating or damaging plants. You can also observe animals that are cleaning, or keeping parasites off of the plants. If the hypotheses is right, plant distribution should be
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Lab 14 Write Up - Drew Rasmussen Penny Louka Biology 191L...

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