Isolation of Cholesterol Conclusion

Isolation of Cholesterol Conclusion - Isolation and...

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Isolation and Purification of Cholesterol: Drew Rasmussen 10/20/11 This experiment was designed to remove the cholesterol from two egg yolks using many previously techniques learned in lab. Diethyl ether and methanol were used to extract the cholesterol, and then the ether was removed with distillation and saved for solvent extractions done with a separatory funnel. The crude product was recrystallized and further purified for use in a melting point apparatus to check the purity of the end product. Melting points were taken of the crude product, the recrystallized product, and the final purified product as a means of analysis. The yolks of 2 hardboiled eggs were removed and weighed, then they were pulverized and allowed to sit in a mix of 30 mL of methanol and 40 mL of ether to extract the cholesterol. The saturated mixture was then vacuum filtered to collect the cholesterol containing liquids without the egg material. KOH pellets were added to the solution yielding a 15% m/m KOH in methanol solution. Ether was distilled off next with a simple distillation apparatus, and recollected for later use in the lab. The solution was refluxed for 15 minutes at a boil to carry out reactions without letting lose any volatile fumes. The refluxed liquid was added to the separatory funnel and 20 mL of DI water was added to it. 15 mL of DI water was used to aid the transfer and wash residue off of glassware. The solution was washed with three 30 mL portions of ether and the aqueous layer was removed. The aqueous layer was washed three times to remove as much cholesterol as possible. The collected ether combination was placed in the separatory funnel after the three washes and washed twice with 20 mL of DI water to remove soluble impurities. The final wash was done with 20 mL of brine solution. The cholesterol containing ether was placed into a 125 mL flask and dried with Anhydrous Magnesium Sulfate. A vacuum filter was used to remove the drying agent and collect the ether.
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Isolation of Cholesterol Conclusion - Isolation and...

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