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Kristin Blalock Molecular Modeling Conclusion November 12, 2011 1. The kinetic product was E2-trans by nothing it had the lowest activation energy on the product graph produced by excel. Trans is generally more stable thus it does not come without warning. 2. Of the E2 products trans was the kinetic product as stated previously. 3. To determine which was the thermodynamic product, it seemed it would be the curve that dipped the lowest to release the most energy-leaving the cis product as the rational choice. 4. Chemical kinetics explain the effects that determine the rate of a reaction. Temperature would positively
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Unformatted text preview: effect the rate of the reaction because molecules are interacting more frequently with one another. The ratio of kinetic products would be positively favored due to a higher chance of products being formed. There would be more products, but the ratio would stay similar. 5. The ratio would increase because the temperature would lower the activation energy for one product but possibly not for another leading to a higher ratio. 6. A more hindered base would have the effect of more cis products being formed. 7. A less hindered base would have the effect on more trans isomers being produced....
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