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bromination (1) - Kristin Blalock The purpose of this lab...

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Kristin Blalock The purpose of this lab decide if a particular alcohol was primary or secondary through bromination and several other procedures that were previously learned, such as refluxing and the separation of layers. The first step in this experiment was to set up the reflux apparatus being certain not to use the chromatography column, due to the explosions they were causing in the other class period. The apparatus consisted of a 5 mL beaker, a reaction column, and a gas trap. In the gas trap there was also 1 M hydroxide. After this set up, an aluminum block was preheated to about 180 C to help move the reaction at a quicker rate. The calculated mass of my assigned alcohol was 1.65 mL of alcohol B, and it was clear and colorless. This was added to the 5 mL round bottom flask. Then 2.5 mL of concentrated HBr was added along with .50 mL of sulfuric acid. This was attached back to the apparatus with a stir bar and was set to reflux under the heat of the sodium block for 1 hr. During this time I conducted a Lucas reagent test and determined that the
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