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Fractional Distillation Experiment

Fractional Distillation Experiment - Conclusion Fractional...

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Conclusion- Fractional Distillation and Purification of Acetone for Reuse/Refractive Index Experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to collect unpurified acetone and purify it through the means of a macroscale distillation apparatus. Impure acetone contains residue that has a different properties than pure acetone. Due to the this fact, acetone has a different boiling point than the impurities. It makes it possible to then boil the unpurified acetone and separate the pure acetone from the impurities. Thirty-five mL (64.806 g) of acetone was placed in a flask that came to a boil from the heating apparatus. The pure acetone has a higher boiling point than the impurities and vaporized up the fractionating column and was cooled down to liquid form by the water in the condenser. It traveled down the vacuum adapter in its liquid form. Due to a leak in the flask and fractionating column the amount of acetone collected was minimized due to vapor loss. The distillation began at 52 C after five to six minutes of stir and heat being applied. The temperature
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