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Solvent Extraction Conclusion - Conclusion: Solvent...

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Conclusion : Solvent Extraction Lab Drew Rasmussen 9/14/2011 This lab was designed to test a chemist’s ability to extract a solvent through a series of acid-base reactions, followed by Buchner funnel filtrations, and the use of a rotary evaporator to isolate the final product. The recovered products will be used in the laboratory next week. Using a separatory funnel as a means of filtration, a slurry was made from 3.004g of solid Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate, Benzoic Acid, and Biphenyl. Mixed with Diethyl Ether. This was added to the separatory funnel along with 10mL of water and 20 mL of 6M HCl (10mL increments). Two layers were created and the aqueous (lower layer) was eluted, this was done two times and collected in the same flask (once for each 10mL of HCl added). Adding 10mL of DI water and 20mL of NaOH (10mL at a time) two new layers were produced, again separating off the lower aqueous layer. Next a brine solution was used to “salt out” the solvent. 15mL of the solution was added, followed by the draining of the bottom layer. Next the ethyl layer was transferred to a clean Erlenmeyer where Anhydrous CaCl 2 was added to act as a drying agent. After the drying process was complete the ether was put into a tared round bottom flask and attached to a rotovap, where the solvent was removed. The extracted product was saved for next week. The aqueous solutions collected in the first portion (steps 1and 2) were ran through a
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Solvent Extraction Conclusion - Conclusion: Solvent...

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