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The purpose of this lab was to extract limonene from orange peel using the method of steam distillation, and then noting the optical purity of the pure orange oil and the extracted orange oil. The first thing done in lab was creating a slurry of orange peel and water as the solution to be distilled. The distillation temperature was 96 C and the process took about 25 minutes to complete. In order to extract the limonene one 10 mL of dimethyl ether was used to separate the aqueous layer from the organic layer. After the drying agent was removed by means of a vacuum filter, the solution was then rotovaped for 5 minutes. This was done to remove the dimethyl ether from the solution leaving only orange oil. The product I obtain was quite small, only .12 g. This value was so small that it gave inconsistent data later on. This product was used to calculate optical purity using both a Manual Polarimeter and an Automated Polarimeter. Our lab instructor already had the pure oil sample loaded in the Manuel Polarimeter, thus I was able to calculate the
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