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Tutorial Answer Sheet Name: ________________________________________________ Section: ________________ Complete the Spartan Tutorial for Building Acetic Acid (in the Lab Manual following the Molecular Modeling materials), and complete the Question 1 Table below. It is critical that every step in the tutorial be followed exactly and without deviation . Question 1 Table . Estimation of pK a of acetic acid using Spartan. Structure Electrostatic Potential Map Insert your electrostatic potential map "Maximum Potential" Enter your value Calculated pK a Enter your calculated pK a Literature pK a 4.76 Complete the ChemDraw Tutorial 2: Drawing an Intermediate (in the Lab Manual following the Spartan Tutorial for Building Acetic Acid) . Copy and paste your structure below. (To copy and paste the drawing:
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Unformatted text preview: using the “Marquee” tool, click and drag a box to select the entire structure, then go to “Edit”, “Copy”, or use the “Ctrl” and “C” keys together. Then in this Answer Sheet, go to “Edit”, “Paste”, or use the “Ctrl” and “V” keys together.) Save the file. Your ChemDraw Intermediate Structure: Submit this completed Answer Sheet through SafeAssign before the start of your lab. Also, either save or email a copy to yourself; the Question 1 Table above for acetic acid satisfies the requirements for Parts A, B and C of Question 1 of the in-lab assignment. You may copy your results from the table above directly into the Answer Sheet for Questions 1-3 of the in-lab assignment....
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