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Drew Rasmussen Katri Truhler Chemistry 111 – 015 November 29 th , 2010 Thermochemistry: Hess’ Law A. Adsf B. Observations and Results: a. In reaction 1 we used 1.510g NaOH. It is a white pellet. The initial temp of the water was 20.0 degrees Celsius. The final temperature of the NaOH + water was 23.2 Celsius. Vigorous stirring was required to dissolve the pellets completely. b. In Reacgtion 2, 40.0mL of HCl and 50.0mL of NaOH were used. The starting temp was 20 degrees Celsius, and it went ujp to 26.0 degrees Celsius after adding the NaOH. Temperature increased relatively quickly during this reaction. c. In reaction 3, 1.701g of NaOH was used. It was in solid form this time. 100.0mL of HCl was used. The starting temperature of the solution was 20.0 degrees
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Unformatted text preview: Celsius, and it was 29.8 degrees Celsius at its peak temperature after the pellets had been dissolved. Table 1. Data and Calculations from experimental results Reaction 1 Reaction 2 Reaction 3 Mass of solid NaOH 1.510g No solid NaOH 1.698 Total mass of soln. 101.510g 90.0g 101.698g Final Temp. 23.2 C 26.0 C 29.8 C Initial Temp. 20.0 C 20.0 C 20.0 C Change in Temp +3.2 C + 6.0 C +9.8 C Experimental heat of rxn.-1359 J-2259 J-3690 J Moles of NaOH 0.038 moles 0.05 moles 0.042 moles Moles of HCl No HCl 0.04 moles 0.05 moles Change in H-35 kJ 100 kJ-120 kJ ***See pages 60, 61, and 62 for Calculations. C. Claims a. Asd D. Evidence a. The...
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