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Black World Studies Notes April 8 th 2009 Social movement A group out side actuing with some degree of constinu for the acting outside of normal channels purpose for promoting or resisting change with in that group the society or even the world. Change has to be put on outside pressure. Counter movement. Forms in opposition to a social movement. Black freedom movement africans were enslaved, organized resistance on ship or plantation Civil rights movement black groups promote equal rights. Klu klux klan protagonist, leaders and supporters of a social movement. Protagonist wishes to change individual institution practice etc. antagonist, oppose social movement. Members of the clan would be antagonist. By standers always available.
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Unformatted text preview: Socials movements a period of collective behavior explains social movements and people who are in volved in them to try to understand their motives and actions. Beahave different than they normally would in real life on their own Some social movements have a certain personality, charm or wit. Charismatic movement. Potentially doomed if you lose leader. Resource mobalizaition resources nessicary for movements to occur for example any movement needs money, analysts and experts, communication, nessicary and good but not sufficient, for a mobement to succeed you need political backup, political opporuntity closeness often defines what a social move ment can achieve Tactics vs strategy...
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