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Elisa Falvo Student # 224 BLS 342 Johnson Vs. Transporation Agency The Supreme Court of the United States, 1987. 107 S. Ct. 1442 (1987) Facts : In the year 1978, the Transportation Agency of Santa Clara County, California voluntarily espoused an affirmative action plan for all job categories in the agency. By adopting the plan, the agency’s goal was to overcome the under representation of women as well as racial and ethnic minorities in traditionally segregated job categories. To achieve this goal, the agency implemented a policy to consider the sex of qualified applications as a factor when hiring and promoting. On December 12 th 1979, The Transportation agency introduced an opportunity for a job promotion as a Road Dispatcher in the Agency’s Roads Division. To date, all 238 occupants in the Agency’s Roads Divisions were male. Twelve applicants responded to the job vacancy. From the initial twelve applicants, only nine were chosen for a second interview. Further, during the interview process only seven of the nine scored high enough to be considered for the position. The final seven eligible for the position included Paul Johnson a male of Santa Clara County, and Diane Joyce, a female of Santa Clara County. The highest scoring interviewee was Paul Johnson with a score of 75 followed by Diane Joyce at a score of 73. After a second interview, Johnson was recommended for the position. However, during the interview process, Diane called the office of affirmative action whose coordinator then recommender her for the position. When assigning the position, the agency director considered qualifications, interview scores, expertise, background, and affirmative action. As a result, Diane Joyce was hired. In response to the promotion of Diane Joyce, Paul Johnson brought legal action against the Transportation Agency on the grounds of discrimination in violation of Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
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Johnsonvsagency_falvo - Elisa Falvo Student # 224 BLS 342...

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