EDT Notes - Unbalanced force from the side changes the...

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EDT Notes Direction + speed = velocity Change in velocity = acceleration Motion Change motion by how fast it is going. Change in velocity or speed. Change in direction results in an acceleration Forces- Historical Background 1. Aristotle- heavier objects fall faster and Objects moving horizontally require continuously applied force. 2. Galileo and Newton- all objects fall at the same rate and no force required for uniform horizontal motion. Force: A push or pull capable of changing an objects state of motion. No net force, no change in motion. Fundamental forces 1. gravitational - mass interactions - motions of planets, stars, galaxies 2. Electromagnetic - charge interactions - electicity and magnetism - atoms and molecules, chemisty 3. Weak force - Involved in certain nuclear reations 4. Strong force - holds nuclei together Blanaced and Unbalanced forces Natural motion in free space = constant velocity
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Unformatted text preview: Unbalanced force from the side changes the direction of the motion V(t)= at D=1/2 at squared Nuclear. Based on nuclear fission reactions of uranium and plutonium Water heated in reactor and then used to produce steam to turn generation turbines. Solar technologies Direct conversion of light to electricity Power tower Mirror focus sunlight to heat water for steam Passive application designs to use solar energy flow naturally active application solar collector used to heat water, air or some liquid then used for heating or electric generation geothermal energy hot, dry rock, 85$ of total resource associated with volcanic activity dry steam very rare: only 3 sites in the US geo-pressurized resourced under ground reseervoirs of hot water containing natural gas...
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EDT Notes - Unbalanced force from the side changes the...

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