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Vocabulary Review - MKT 291 Vocabulary Terms 7 Cs that...

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MKT 291 – Vocabulary Terms 7 C’s that drive customer experience online – p. 410 Context – Sites layout and visual design. Convey the core consumer benefits provided by the company’s offerings. Content – Text, pictures, sound, and video on the website. Engage a website visitor Customization – Sites ability to tailor itself to different users or to allow users to personalize the site. Personalized content – MyYahoo. Connection – Degree that the site is linked to other sites. Major design element for informational websites. New York Times book review can click to Barnes & Noble so user can order book. Communication – The way sites enable two way communications. Dell.com uses human representatives in real time conversations to close deals online. Community – The way a site enables user –user communication. Hosted by companies to create virtual communities. Enhances customer experience and builds a favorable buyer-seller relationship. Commerce – Site’s ability to enable commercial transactions. Advertising appeals – p. 362 Fear appeal – Consumer can avoid some negative experience through the purchase or use of a product or service, a change in behavior or reduction in the use of a product. Ex. Smoke detector ads that show house burning down. Political endorsements that warn against the rise of the other candidate. Appeal must be strong but not too strong that viewer will tune out message. Sex appeal – Product will increase the attractiveness of the user. Often distracts audience from the real product offering. Humor appeal – Product is more fun or exciting than competitor’s offerings. Ex. GEICO caveman. Can die out quickly. Effectiveness may vary across cultures if it is a global campaign. B2B Customer characteristics - ? Behavioral – p. 398 Assessment of a salesperson’s attitude, attention to customers, product knowledge, selling and communication skills, appearance, and professional demeanor. Brand extension – p. 251 The practice of using a current brand name to enter a completely different product class. Too many uses for one brand name can dilute the meaning of the brand for customers. Cause related marketing – p.88 Charitable contributions of a firm are tied directly to the customer revenues produced through the promotion of one of its products. P&G raises funds for Special Olympics when consumers purchase selected company products. CERTS – ? Choiceboard – p. 408
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An interactive, internet-enabled system that allows individual customers to design their own products and services by answering a few questions and choosing from a menu or product of service attributes, prices, or delivery options. Ex. NikeID. Allows company to become more knowledgeable about customer to better serve them. Comparative Advertising – p. 360
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Vocabulary Review - MKT 291 Vocabulary Terms 7 Cs that...

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