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Framework for Case _______________________________________________ Section __ Group ______ Submitted by _________________________________________________________________________ External Environment Framework Topic Area Data Segmentation What are the needs of the group? What is our target market? (Individual consumers or B2B) How clumpy is the market? What is the attractiveness of the segment? (size, growth, potential, profitability, loyalty) Tools: Physiographic, Demographics Buyer Behavior What is the usage rate/amount/frequency? How loyal are customers? How do they use it and know they need it? Where, when and how do they buy? How as a marketer do I influence their buying? Secondary Market Research, Market Basket Analysis Market Industry Where are we on the position grid compared to competitors? Where do we want to be on the position grid? What are our growth opportunities? How do we differentiate our product from the competition? Tools: OT of SWOT, Market Analysis, Position Grids, Porter, Secondary Research on Market Share Specific Competition Who are our biggest competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How are they priced compared to us? Secondary Research Databases, Annual Shareholder Reports Economic Environment What do our consumers look for in our industry? Who are the major consumers in our industry? What is the makeup within our consumer target market (age, race, gender, income level, etc.)? Do people use our product in a social environment? Will buying our product affect someone’s social status? What types of cultural beliefs/ customs affect our industry? Tools: demographic research to determine whom the major consumers in the industry are. Social/Cultural Demographics What are some safety regulations in our specific industry? Are there any laws/regulations that deal with selling the product internationally? Page | 1
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Framework for Case _______________________________________________ Section __ Group ______ Submitted by _________________________________________________________________________ What are the proper work conditions/benefits of our industry? Does our industry deal with any major political issues? Is our industry directly affected by political issues/laws? Legal
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Mkt301finalframework - Framework for Case _ Section _ Group...

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