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Industry project proposal

Industry project proposal - Andrew Lazarow SOM 122 I...

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Andrew Lazarow SOM 122 I believe that the sporting goods retail industry would be an interesting industry to study at this time for many reasons. At this point in time, sports, and the equipment involved in sports, are not a necessity, but a desire. This means that at a time of an economic recession, it would be interesting to see how the industry is performing because of the fact that sporting goods will no longer be as important to people. Another positive attribute is the industry can catch the attention of many people because of its variety of products and producers. A third positive factor is the industry is not dominated by powerhouse companies. These factors lead to an interesting course of study, which is very helpful in success. Companies that rely a lot on sporting equipment, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, are finding that their profits have been falling greatly since the start of the recession. These
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