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presentation speach - Another reason why Verizon should...

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Another reason why Verizon should invest in Skype is the recent recession has caused people to fall on hard times financially. This has been causing people to cut back in every way they can to achieve a cost efficient lifestyle. That’s where VoIP comes in; Skype is a cost leader in the wireless telecommunications industry. The acquisition of Skype would help Verizon gain a second competitive advantage with its new low costs. That will go along with its already successful competitive advantage of a strong nationwide service. Skype also creates a stronger connection between people. With the addition of a visual connection people can now communicate verbally as well as visually. This is a strong advantage for businesses that are now able to hold conference calls nationally and internationally with the personal touch of feeling as if they are in the same room. It is also nice for families or friends who are trying to stay connected from a distance. Best of all, all of these advantages are happening at a very cheap price.
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