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recomended strategies - Verizon should consider forming...

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The new and growing technological advancement in the wireless telecommunication carrier industry is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Many small and individual companies were able to predict the success of VoIP and were able to take control of this new technology. The early control of this new technology lead these companies to control of the market. Now that these small companies have acquired this power Verizon needs to try and match this success. Without taking control of VoIP Verizon could be risking losing at lot of business. Not only would it loose landline calls because people can call on their computers for a much cheaper price, but they also risk losing cellular phone calls. Because there is no perceivable limit to internet connection, it is easier to keep prices of VoIP calls much lower than radio frequency calls.
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Unformatted text preview: Verizon should consider forming agreements with companies that provide VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Voice that will enable it to take back the market. This may include partnering with or even buying out the VoIP Company. VoIP is the future of communications, and by gaining control over the growth of this technology , this industry will be provided with an opportunity to bring in more customers (WTCU, 2009). Verizon has already started to try team up with some of these companies by introducing two new android phones which may be able to utilize VoIP technology. With the vast Wi-Fi service Verizon offers, a strong VoIP service could prove to be very successful....
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