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Kozol - learn Students that may have the intelligence to...

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This chapter talks about the physical aspect of the low-income schools. Kozol discusses the terrible conditions that schools have. One of the most common problems is overcrowding, but there are many more severe problems such as not having materials for students like textbooks or even chairs. Kozol explains how computer classes where described as, according to one student, "we sit there and talk about what we would be doing if we had computers.” The problem with these physical conditions is it takes away students motivation to
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Unformatted text preview: learn. Students that may have the intelligence to take an AP course, but overcrowding and poor school conditions do not enable them to take the classes they need. Instead kids are taking classes like tech, which does not put them on a track to go to college. It is hard to argue against the validity of Kozol’s arguments in this chapter because Kozol saw these problems first hand and clearly overcrowding will cause students to not be able to take the classes they need....
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