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Andrew Lazarow WRT 205 2/8/11 Loop The article Closing the Achievement Gap by Detracking talks about the idea that tracking in school districts causes an achievement gap between whites and minorities. The article uses the example of Rockville Center School District stating that they no longer use tracking and that it has improved their graduation rates. If there is no tracking kids will be put in classes that they might not be able to handle which is defended in the article by stating that the school district has in place close monitoring and extra help. This would be a solution, but there are other problems such as having enough money to monitor the students closely and provide extra help. Also the fact that if a student does not want to try or believe in him or herself they will not use this extra help to improve enough to succeed. Inverted Pyramid As I was reading the article Closing the Achievement Gap by Detracking I noticed a fact not mentioned in the reading. As a Long Island native I am familiar with the Rockville Center
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