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Responce to Kozol - Andrew Lazarow WRT 205 Response to...

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Andrew Lazarow WRT 205 Response to Kozol Being part of group three meant we were presenting chapters 7, 8 and 9 to the class. Usually I do not enjoy presenting from the middle of a book because it it much harder to comprehend without fully understanding what occurred before it and what will be occurring after those chapters. Chapters 7, 8 and 9 were different though. These chapters captured a huge transition in the book that connected the beginning and the end of the book perfectly. Chapter 7 starts off the transition by finishing up on the points from the beginning of the book. Kozol talks about the physical problems with public schools and how they are affecting our students. Although this is just one of the many types of problems Kozol has been discussing in the book, Kozol seems to believe that this is a major cause in differences between low-income schools and high-income schools. Kozol shows how overcrowding is a norm for low-income schools. He explains for overcrowding causes many problems ranging from not being able to get lunch because the lunch line is long to not having the resources to learn like not having computers in a computer class. On top of that, these physical distractions also cause students to become less motivated which leads to less success. It is chapter 8 that Kozol makes that transition from the problems in low-income schools to possible solutions to these problems in order to appease some of these critics. Throughout chapter 8 Kozol changes his strategy up a little bit. Instead of talking about
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Responce to Kozol - Andrew Lazarow WRT 205 Response to...

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