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Portfolio wrt 307

Portfolio wrt 307 - -Give a portfolio back to Syracuse and...

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Adam Bottorff Portfolio Varsity Athlete - 2005-2008 - Received letters in basketball and baseball - Leadership opportunities as a captain and learned how to work as a team. - Third team all CNY for basketball and League Champions for baseball. Wright Hall Residence Hall President - September 2008-May 2009 - Organized events activities for the floor and building - Ran a blood drive with the Red Cross Flight Club Varsity Team Member - February-May 2009 - Competitions against other schools - Integration of flying, air traffic control and management - One of only five freshman in the club Investment Club Member - October 2009- Present - Part of group where we decide what stocks to buy and sell - Funded $100,000 from alumni, businesses and corporations
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Unformatted text preview: -Give a portfolio back to Syracuse and those who funded us on our progress Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Member-Present-Participate in community events, charity and social events-250,000 members which is a tool for networking for internships and jobs Bill Leaf Memorial Kickball Tournament-September 2010-Charity Event that is in remembrance of two people who have been killed by drunk drivers-Event is through Syracuse University and played at Onondaga Parkway-Won the tournament and raised over $225 from our team References Nancy Vaught- Syracuse Admissions ( 315-443-3611) Jennifer Green- Residence Director (315-807-7295) Beverley Neiderman- WRT 105 Professor (330-672-7876)...
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