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technical communication

technical communication - information on hobbies or other...

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From: Adam Bottorff To: Mrs. Jager Date: October 4 th , 2010 RE: Technical communication As I was looking on the web, I found many good examples of technical communication but I chose one that was part of a resume. Mark Lloyd, created a Resume in part of a job application in which he had fifteen years of experience working. His resume, which was very professionally laid out had some flaws to it. He uses bullets under his main sections, which attracts more attention to his details on the bullets instead of the heading. He did not add any
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Unformatted text preview: information on hobbies or other interest. In the education part of his resume, he forgets to add bullets which then make his resume sloppy. This document is effective though because the whole resume is nice and organized in design. He did a great job at underlying all of his topics so the audience knew what he was talking about. Overall, he had a great resume, with some minor mistakes. Website: http://www.io.com/~hcexres/cgi-bin/color0.cgi? frameset=on&noter=. ./textbook/resumex5a.html&viewer=. ./textbook/resumex5b.html...
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