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Before doing anything, rename this file as: lastname_firstname_assign1 (go to file, then select save as) If your name is Julie White, your assignment should read white_julie_Assign1 (do NOT put number symbol) Failure to follow naming convention will mean no points for assignment. LASTNAME FIRSTNAME DEPARTMENT RANK YEARHIRED SEX SALARY Kerrick Andrew Information Systems Associate 1971 M $66,672.33 Monroe Tim Accounting Full 1972 M $66,654.14 Angelo Gerry Accounting Full 1974 M $66,301.24 Harris John Finance Full 1976 M $66,250.62 De Marco Sam Finance Associate 1976 F $47,988.05 Sears Sarah Finance Full 1977 F $66,738.14 Miano Beth Accounting Full 1978 F $64,488.56 Eaton Chris Finance Associate 1978 F $43,020.20 Zack Rob Marketing Associate 1979 M $66,698.52 Hartman Tommy Marketing Associate 1977 M $49,767.97 Jahic May Finance Associate 1977 F $46,670.80 Katz Alison Information Systems Full 1978 F $67,517.53 Donoldo Bob Marketing Full 1980 M $63,349.77 Marion Randall Accounting Associate
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