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IST company profile - High Tide Philosophy"We are dedicated...

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Philosophy “We are dedicated and honest people determined to provide fresh, high quality food at an affordable price. Our knowledgeable waiters and chefs provide the best seafood experience and make you, our customer, feel certain about trusting us. At the same time our relaxed setting will make you feel right at home. “ Values Industry leaders: From the start it was our goal to bring you the best quality of food and service, while at the same time being flexible and diverse with our menu and environment. We were successful in reaching our goals and now strive to surpass them in order to keep the loyalty of our customers. Code of Ethics: Our business is not just about making a profit. Playing a fair and fun game is what High Tide is all about. We make sure that all applicants receive an equal opportunity for the highly competitive jobs at our facility. We are confident that our employees are treated just as well as we treat our customers, valuing their opinion and giving them the utmost respect. When it comes to our food we never take any chances. We guarantee that the whole process of catching our food and cooking it is watched over carefully. This ensures that you, the customer, are receiving the highest quality food that can be offered. Culture:
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IST company profile - High Tide Philosophy"We are dedicated...

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