stationary package individual component

stationary package individual component - We then took all...

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Andrew Lazarow IST 444 For a stationary package to be strong it is important for there to be reputation between the letter head, envelope, and business card. This is the first concept our group thought about while creating our stationary package. We came together as a group and decided what parts of our package would be repeated. Our final decision was for one wavy line to be on all three pieces of the package, the fonts of our writing to be repeated and the location of the logo, writing and the wave to be the same. Once we had these ideas decided on we split into groups to brainstorm what would look good. I made sure that my group put the name of our company, High Tide, in the largest font while also making it bold. As a group we then put our information under it while separating it by a blue dotted line to increase the repetition and esthetics. The proximity of the writing is based on relevance, for example the phone number and fax number are located right next to each other.
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Unformatted text preview: We then took all the writing that was in the same proximity and left aligned it. Our companys logo is located on every item in our stationary package. I made sure my group kept the logo as far away from our companys name as possible because our companys name is located in our logo. The next step was making sure that our designs were memorable. The wavy blue line we put in is to try and create the image of the beach setting that our restaurant is located in. We decided as a group to make our designs simple so that the attention is not drawn away from the important information such as the name of our restaurant and the location. When it came to actually making the product, I was not able to help as much as I would have liked to. As a freshman I have yet to learn how to use the necessary programs needed to make a strong design. This is the strength of group work, when one member is weak in one area, another member is strong....
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stationary package individual component - We then took all...

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