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Apple Case 2.22 - Adam Bottorff Apple Case Apple Case...

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Adam Bottorff 2/21/11 Apple Case Gillen Apple Case The Apple incorporation, just like any other company has gone through many downfalls and lumps in its business history. The company has become one of the biggest and most successful companies, over the previous years from their new innovations. Steve Jobs, who co- founded the company in 1976, has taken the company to an ultimate high, with his new entertainment devices. Steve and his company have a specific strategy, which pays a key role in why they have been so successful. They started out as a business strictly with PC’s and have changed over to iPods, iPhones, and recently the iPads. With their success they have also came into many competitors and issues over the time, but have always seemed to quiet down there critics. Apples strategy and plan of attack has been different over the years because they have had different leaders. It started out as a fail, but once Steve Jobs was put into place, he had a unique strategy that turned around the business. The first thing he did on the job was make a
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Apple Case 2.22 - Adam Bottorff Apple Case Apple Case...

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