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Andrew Lazarow I believe that oil companies can be held socially responsible for their oil spills. Although oil is a necessity, and boycotting it is not an option, oil companies are still making a huge profit off of all the sales. Just like many other companies that provide energy to the world, such as nuclear power plants, it is important that these companies take care of the environment that they are taking from. Just because oil companies don’t have to worry about what customers think of them from an economic standpoint, they still have to worry about the legal implications and should be ethical and clean up after any oil spills. Although oil spills will occur on the occasion, oil
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Unformatted text preview: companies should have safety precautions to limit the number of oil spills and have procedures in place for when oil spills occur to limit the damage. Any other expenses from there should be covered by the oil company just like any other industry that makes a mistake and has to pay for it. For example, GTA had to change the rape scene in their game to please society or a nuclear power plant that has a meltdown has to pay for the environmental and personal damage. Other than the legal responsibilities oil companies have, it is up to the oil companies to be ethical in taking care of the environment before and after an oil spill....
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