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ch4 post eval - challenge is being able to be...

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Andrew Lazarow Ch. 4 Post- Eval In the MTV case there were 4 environmental challenges that MTV had to overcome to be successful. First was the cultural problem that MTV needs to be able to translate its formula for success into the many languages of the world. MTV was able to overcome this challenge by creating 33 distinct channels that broadcast shows in 18 different languages. Next is the demographic problem of a diverse and expensive market that MTV will be entering. To overcome this barrier, knowing that teens around the world are most interested in their own regions, MTV produced localized content for specific markets. The third environmental
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Unformatted text preview: challenge is being able to be technologically capable of creating interactive services. In response to this problem MTV developed a service that allows viewers to obtain information on CDs, check concert dates, and vote for their favorite performers directly for their TV. Lastly, MTV had to overcome the political barriers of foreign leader’s fears that their culture will be “Americanized” by MTV. President Bill Roedy solved this problem by meeting with key political figures to allay their fears by explaining MTV is not in the business of exporting American culture....
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