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ch5 post eval second try

ch5 post eval second try - Andrew Lazarow Chapter 5 post...

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Andrew Lazarow 12/7/10 Chapter 5 post evaluation What is your perception of the middle class in terms of the kinds of lifestyles people except or want to have? I believe that my perception of the middle class starts with the idea that a middle class household can support a child along with supporting themselves. When I say support a child I mean that the parents of the child provide him or her with everything he or she needs while at the same time being able to provide some, but not all, luxuries such as toys the child wants to buy after being influenced by commercials. The child would be brought up being educated and have goals to attend college. If he or she needs medical assistance the parents can bring him or her to a doctor or if he or she wants to pay a sport he or she can and with the proper equipment. Eventually the child will become a teenager and possibly go off to college. A middle class teenager would
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