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Andrew Lazarow The way I expect the middle class lifestyle to be and the actual lifestyle of the middle class are different in some ways, but similar in others. Many people expect the middle class to be a wealthier and higher educated class than it actually is. People view the middle class as a class that obtains a degree from a university and a salary above the national average. This may apply to the higher end of the middle class, but the middle class also consists of the working class. The lower end of the middle class and all of the working class is actually quite different from what some people expect it to be. The lower end of the middle class has an income below the national average and most of who do not have an education higher than high school.
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Unformatted text preview: Because the members of the middle class who have an income higher than the national average tend to also send their kids to college spending excess income on school bills and the rest do not have excess income because their income is below the national average there is less excess money in the middle class than perceived. A similarity between an expectation of the middle class and the reality of the middle class is that they can be targeted through television and the internet. Another similarity is the middle class relies on relatives and their community for economic and social support. This is important to note because it shows a company who their reference groups are....
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