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Andrew Lazarow Viva Las Vegas 1. The LVCVA uses family life-cycle segmentation for its target market. 2. The LVCVA uses a multisegment targeting strategy for segmenting its target market. The LVCVA has multiple groups that they target ranging from geographic segmentation to income segmentation based on the time of year. Most of all the LVCVA uses family life- cycle segmentation. They use this multisegment strategy because of the variety of reasons people visit Las Vegas. For example during the off season LVCVA targets convention organizers, meeting planners, and leisure travelers to keep hotel rooms and convention facilities occupied during off-peak times of the year. I do not believe the LVCVA will have to worry about cannibalization because the market segments come during different parts of the year so they will not reduce each other’s sales. 3. I would segment a target market of all U.S. citizens aged 18 to 75 into three different segments based on the family lifecycle. During those 57 years the average person goes
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Unformatted text preview: through the full family life-cycle. The first segment of this family life-cycle would be for the people that have not had kids yet. The second segment would be for families and the third segment would be for parents who have had their kids move out. I believe this would be good segmentation because the place a person is in their family lifecycle determines what they want out of Las Vegas. For example, a newly married couple would want to go for the gambling and night life while a family may want to go for the entertainment such as performances and the warm weather. 4. I believe LVCVA is so successful because they segment their market in such a way that there is no cannibalization occurring. This is because they segment based on the cyclical demand in the travel industry. During the off season they promote more for the city’s convention, lodging and entertainment facilities while during their peak season they promote the night life and gambling....
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