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Andrew Lazarow Chapter 8 post eval 1. Look-Look is offering the most accurate and efficient information resource on the global youth culture because they reduce the chance of a sampling error. This is important advantage over traditional market research firms because of the speed in which trends come and go. Companies need to know what is going to be in before or as it develops to make sure they are part of the $175 billion wielded by teen consumers. 2. The internet plays an important role in youth trend spotting. Today’s youthful generation is getting more and more impatient and is much more likely to respond to a survey that is quick and can be done at a time convenient to them. The internet makes surveys like this possible. On top of that the surveys can be personalized for greater relevance to each
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Unformatted text preview: respondents own situation. This cuts out useless questions which will improve response rate and make the information more relevant. The internet also makes it possible to reach a large assorted quantity of people throughout the country. Because the internet is the easiest and most reliable way to reach todays youth I do not believe a research firm can accurately forecast youth trends without an online component to its research plan. At the same time Look-Look uses the internet to select a specific group to make sure they reduce the chance of a sampling error by looking up the history of Look-Look volunteers/employees and matching them up to the population being looked for in the sample....
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