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Andrew Lazarow   The Transit Connect is a good strategic business unit for Ford. For starters Fords competitor Toyota recently started losing market share. The hype of the TC could be an opportunity for Ford to gain Toyota’s lost market share. The TC has a couple of strengths that will allow for it to be a success and gain the hype Ford needs. One of its strengths is it targets a market not targeted by any other electric car, businesses. Its larger size and high mileage allows
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Unformatted text preview: it to be a perfect fit for business people who need to efficiently transport goods such as carpenters or plumbers. Lastly the TC follows the ever-growing global trend of going green. This gives Ford a god reputation with environmentalist while still attracting customers who are just trying to save money on gas. With so many opportunities that the TC provides Ford because of its strengths it is clear that the TC was a good SBU....
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