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SOM 354 paper - Adam Bottorff SOM 354 Quiz Critical...

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Unformatted text preview: Adam Bottorff 2/17/11 SOM 354 Quiz Critical Discussion Unions in developed nations sometimes feel they are superior to others. Nations such as the United States, China, Germany and many others sometimes do not want to be in the same line or discussion as some lower waged countries such as many African countries and some Middle Eastern countries. There are many conflicts between nations doing with trading and exchanging products. Many developed nations are opposed to letting nations that are not developed to import goods into their countries because they feel their products are not as good and it could affect jobs in that nation. The competition between the developed and non developed countries is very widespread. Many people think that it is unfair because of the difference of wealth, and quality of goods to be offered. I think this is brought up and affects mostly the country and the people who represent the country the most. These leaders and presidents feel that it would look bad on a country to be the country the most....
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SOM 354 paper - Adam Bottorff SOM 354 Quiz Critical...

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