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1) Name (preferred name, if different): Andrew Lazarow 2) Phone number: 516-987-4073 3) Hometown (city, state/country): Greenvale, NY 4) Major(s): Accounting 5) Do you plan to sit for the CPA exam? Yes 6) What are your short-term (i.e., immediately following graduation) and long-term career goals? Short-term I would like to get a job at one of the big four companies and after a couple years of experience I would like to move into the sports industry. Eventually I would like to be involved in a sports franchise. 7) Do you have any previous internship experience? If so, please indicate the company name and location. American Community Bank, Glen Cove, NY
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Unformatted text preview: 8) Campus organizations and activities (e.g., fraternity/sorority, athletics, service, etc.): Club Ultimate Frisbee, Sports Management Club 9) Favorite musician(s) or group(s): Blink182, Greenday, The Fray, The Beatles 10) Favorite movie(s): Anchor Man, The Hangover, Super Troopers 11) Favorite TV show(s): Heros, Sportscenter, Scrubs 12) Favorite sports teams (college or pro): Syracuse Basketball, Jets, Mets, Islanders 13) Interesting fact about yourself (e.g., notable achievement/skill, funny/embarrassing experience, famous relative, etc.) My great uncle owned the printing company that printed all the Beatles album covers....
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