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ebay case - When our group first received this assignment...

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When our group first received this assignment our initial strategy was for everyone to independently read and analyze the case and created a bulleted outline of reasons for eBay’s success and reasons they should be worried. We then collaborated our ideas, decided which to keep, and after thorough discussion agreed upon a prioritized list for each section of the assignment. We then broke into teams of two to put our bulleted ideas into paragraph form. Lastly we came together and put together one fully flowing essay in which we all critiqued and edited as a team. The final essay turned out as follows: eBay’s success is primarily based off of their concise vision statement that has been communicated throughout the community and understood by its employees and users. eBay’s online personal trading community relies on mutual respect and trust between its users. There is a mutual dependency between the company and the community that underlies the culture of the website. eBay regulates this trust and respect through the “Feedback Forum”, which encourages customers to speak up if they believe they are not treated properly by other users. eBay’s community ideals help the users to feel they are being heard and allow the users to feel like an integral part of a trusted community. eBay’s vision statement alone lets the user know they are being heard by eBay, although the company cannot physically regulate the customer service exchanged between its users. eBay’s chat rooms, bulletin boards, and email services have turned its service into a lifestyle for users. Frequent eBay users, know amongst themselves as “eBayers”, have the desire to be part of the community that eBay strives to provide. Since 20% of the users represent 80% of the volume on the website, eBay created the PowerSellers Program to give recognition to those frequent users for their loyalty and respect amongst the community. Building off eBay’s vision statement, this program encourages users to be active in the community while maintaining
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trust from their customers. These PowerSellers embody the company’s vision for the community. Because they are active members, they treat other users with respect and therefore are trusted sellers who guarantee the satisfaction to their buyers. Without a clearly communicated and executed vision statement, these valuable members of the eBay community may have felt lost in the crowd once membership on the website started to skyrocket. eBay’s vision continues to grow stronger through the hiring process that is based off of understanding company ideals, rather than skill alone. Although eBay hires capable and intelligent workers, they strive to employ people who share the same values in order to indirectly influence the community online and the community in the office. Employees are empowered to guard the company culture, speak their differing points of view, and ultimately trust the final decision made after a company debate. This support within the company was solidified through
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