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Final presentation grade sheet

Final presentation grade sheet - not as conveniently and...

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Visa, Wal-Mart (81) , Verizon, JP Morgan Strength of the industry 0-30 24 Barriers of entry 0-6 3 (not hard to enter, but hard to compete) Competition 0-6 4 (A lot of weak competition for high quality low price items) Power of suppliers 0-6 6 (they have little to no power) Power of buyers 0-6 6 (many people need the low price items) Substitutes 0-6 5 (very low amount of people can come close to competing with prices) Core competencies 0-32 27 Valuable 0-8 7 (being able to keep prices lower than competitors draws costumers) Rare 0-8 5 (Can be found in other places, but
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Unformatted text preview: not as conveniently and most of the time not as cheap especially for the quality) Costly to imitate 0-8 8 (Economy of scale) Non-substitutable 0-8 7 (people HAVE to save money, some people want higher quality) Leadership 0- 10 10 Vision/Mission Statement 10 (Very strong Vision that the leaders keep in place and follow very closely) 4 strategy matrix 0-20 Group 1 0-5 Group 2 6-10 Group 3 11-15 Group 4 16-20 Group 4 – Very broad and Very strong cost leadership 20...
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