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Andrew Lazarow Streeter, R. (2009). The Debate On Lowering The Drinking Age. Retrieved on November 20 th , 2009 from tag=currentVideoInfo;segmentUtilities 60 minutes reports on the new rise in the debate over lowering the drinking age caused by 100 college presidents signing a petition for it to be lowered. One side argues that lowering the drinking age would cause an increase in drunken driving accidents along with younger kids drinking. The other side argues that the higher drinking age forces drinking underground and increases off-highway deaths. Both sides use statistics and real life cases to back up their arguments, giving them credibility. I can use this article to back up both my pro and con side because it covers both in detail, but most importantly the safety argument for both sides. Wallace, S. (2009). Statement on the debate over lowering the drinking age. Retrieved on November 20 th , 2009 from
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