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debate paper outline

debate paper outline - it’s like making vitamins illegal...

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Andrew Lazarow What your topic is: Drinking Age How you intend to narrow it down: talking about if it should be lowered What issues you think you'll be exploring within the topic: Pros: Rights o If a person can risk their life at war and vote he or she should be able to drink Prohibition didn’t work and this is just like that for young adults Safety o More likely to go to parents or other elders for help Won’t get in trouble for it Ask for a ride home instead of drinking and driving o Parents can watch over the kids in the safety of their home No drinking in unsafe places like in the snow o Parents can help teach children how to drink responsibly o Less likely to drink irresponsibly Health o drinking a controlled amount of wine is healthy (small population)
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Unformatted text preview: it’s like making vitamins illegal Cons: • Still irresponsible o Still at high school age • More likely to support even younger drinking o If the drinking age goes down then the age at which drinking starts will go down A high school student is more likely to buy his younger high school friends drinks than that now created 3 year gap between high school students and the drinking age • Drinking and Driving o Taking away half of the consequences of drinking and driving. o Inexperienced drinker and driver = devastating • Higher alcoholism levels • Younger kids going to bars o Higher age discrepancy between people at the bar Sex crimes such as rape...
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