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Mini Dialog - Andrew Lazarow Mini Dialog As Stephen...

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Andrew Lazarow Mini Dialog As Stephen Wallace, John McCardell, Lesley Stahl and I walk to go get our daily coffee Stephen asks me what I plan on doing tonight. Naturally I begin to tell a lie because I do not feel like letting Stephen John and Lesley know what I am actually doing. John immediately calls me out on my lie and tells me to be honest with the group. I agreed to and that’s when this conversation arose. Andrew: Alright, I’ll tell you. I think about 7 friends and I are going to drink in my friends basement because his parents are going out for the entire night. Lesley: Aren’t you 18? Andrew: Yeah, but my friend has a fake I.D. so we are going to pick up a 32 pack of beer and a couple handles. Lesley: That’s not the point! Don’t you care that you can get in trouble for drinking underage and purchasing alcohol underage? Andrew: I mean yes, but drinking underage has almost become a norm for kids my age. The problem is we try to hide it so that we don’t get in trouble. I mean, I haven’t been worried about getting in trouble for drinking for over a year now. I feel that I am old enough and responsible enough to handle myself drinking. As long as I don’t break any other laws like drinking and driving I am fine with what my friends and I are doing. John: See this is the problem I have with the drinking age being as high as 21 years old! No matter how hard the government tries they will not be able to stop underage drinking. It’s just like prohibition for 18 to 21 year olds and as we all know that didn’t work. Not to mention the
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Mini Dialog - Andrew Lazarow Mini Dialog As Stephen...

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